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Diane’s Silver Lake Faves

Have you ever climbed the many staircases connecting one street to another in Silver Lake? Talk about a good cardio workout and firming your buns! There are lots and lots of these stairs, built mostly in the 1920’s, winding through the steep hillside neighborhoods of Silver Lake, Echo Park, Los Feliz and beyond.  The website SecretStairs-LA offers a walking and hiking guide dedicated to these hidden forgotten treasures of Los Angeles. Here are some of the stairs I frequently climb.

Silver Lake Stairs joining one street to another

Silver Lake stairs connecting Kenilworth Ave. to Moreno Dr.

If you want a really great workout try climbing the 280 stairs starting at Westerly Terrace (cross street is Swan Pl.), which connects you to Resdesdale Ave. The second set of stairs takes you to Rotary Dr. Sorry, you are not finished yet, continue with the third set which ends on Westerly Ave. It is downhill from there. Now do that 3 times more!

Los Angeles Staircases

The stairs starting on Westerly Terrace. (cross street is Swan Pl)

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