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Highland Park Art Walk

Until I went to see my son’s band, Hollow Point Eyes, play at Mas Music Productions during the Highland Park Art Walk, I had no idea how many eclectic galleries exist in the area. If you are looking for something interesting to do on a Saturday night and do not want to spend a lot of money, try it out. The galleries stay open late on the second Saturday of the month. You will need a car to see the two-dozen NELA galleries, just three stops all within a five minute drive of each other–at Eagle Rock Blvd. at North Ave. 45/Paulhan Ave.; York Blvd. at North Ave. 50; and North Ave. 50 at Marmion Way. (just west of Figueroa St.). A must see is the MorYork Gallery  at 4959 York Blvd. After walking through the non-descriptive door, you will find a gallery in the front but walk to the back and you will find the real treasure. In what use to be a skating ring, back when, now showcases an overwhelming elaborate collection of art and found objects.

Highland Park has some great restaurants, coffee houses, and interesting bars. For dinner try The York, Good Girl Dinette and the new hip Italian restaurant Maximiliano. Get a great cup of coffee at Cafe de Leche or a drink at Johnnies, a cozy bar/lounge.

Maybe the next time I go we will run into each other.


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