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LAUSD Has Approved King Middle School to Be an Environmental Magnet

Thomas Starr King Middle School has been approved to start an Environmental Studies Magnet in the Fall of 2011. The program will focus on sustainability and environmental education, also designed to prepare students for careers in the Green Economy workforce. It will be open for all students to apply.

I am a parent of a 7th grader at King Middle School. My son went to a magnet out of our area for elementary and we are so glad to be back in the Silver Lake community. King Middle School has had an uneven reputation in past years, but this is quickly changing. It won’t be long before it will be impossible to get into one of the King Magnets. The community has embraced King and it shows.  Since last year it has been on a traditional calender which has reduced the school population. This year there are only three elementary school feeding into King which has also reduced  the student body size making it even more intimate. We are excited to see all the changes at King and look forward to being a part of it.

2 Responses to “ LAUSD Has Approved King Middle School to Be an Environmental Magnet ”

  1. Diane says:

    We are very happy with the King magnet and adore Carlos Hernandez, the very gifted magnet coordinator. With Carlos heading both magnets you can be sure the new Environmental Magnet is going to be a winner. I hope I get to meet you in September when school starts.

  2. SilverlakeDieHard says:

    Thank you for this info and website. We just got an acceptance letter regarding my son’s application to King Magnet Environmental Program. He is a 5th grader at Ivanhoe Elem. currently. We have researched all the MS schools in LAUSD and we are excited he will be one of the pioneers in this program. He even wants to ride the school bus which will be a new experience for him since we drop him off at Ivanhoe everyday. What’s great is that he will be close to home and will have the same classmates from Ivanhoe and others from the other 2 Elementary schools. If I send him to the MS school close to where I work by Sony Pictures, it will be too far for commute everyday and more stressful for us. This way, we can still feel a sense of community and home in Silverlake. My hat goes off to Friends of King, King principal and Magnet coordinator and all who worked to get this program approved.

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